Screen Printing Shop Set Up

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I recently converted my bathroom and porch into a fully operational screen printing studio! My first print was in honor of the Magic’s run in the playoffs this year and some of the horrible ref-calls given out during the games. Courtesy of Ethan Stonerook, I give you the Get A Clue Ref! T-shirt. I want to thank Mama’s Sauce for the exposure unit they sold me, it worked like a charm! It was great practice and we learned a lot in the process and hope to do many more projects in the future.

See more images of our first print outing! Read the rest of this entry »

Threadless Submission

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Before Horses - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

So after discovering threadless years ago, I finally was encouraged by a persistent little booger to submit one of my drawings. Click the link above to support my efforts! I am throwing a party if I win! I will buy all the beer/balloons/flowers/diamonds.

Beefeater back in town

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My recession beard got a little out of control… Regardless it provided the perfect canvas for this mastery of muttonchopdom. Big things poppin’, little things stoppin’. Still working for the company formerly known as 50,000 feet (now Great Big Circle). But many exciting things on the horizon.

YAK Team

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I have not mentioned this yet, but this summer (August 9th to be exact) I am headed to Kenya with some friends in a bible study to volunteer for the Naivasha United Methodist Church! Should be a real good time…minus all the flying.
You can read all about it on our Team Blog!
Check there for updates and information on our trip. We will be updating the blog in the months leading up to the trip, hopefully during our stay and for a while after we get back. So don’t get left out!

Morgan in Mexico

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My special friend Morgan is in Mexico for the week doing some workshops for the local artisans, but more importantly to her making friends with any number of children. From the smile on this girl’s face you can tell they HATE it. Keep Morgan in your prayers this week for safe travels and a meaningful trip.

Fresh tattoo works

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An illustration for a possible tattoo for a buddy of mine. I have about 30 post ideas in the works and need to get disiplined and post already…sheesh.

NEW! First post in while

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I have been mad busy with graduating and trying to become a real-live adult. Anyhow about to move into a new apartment with my pal cougar, and just today joined my uncle’s men’s bible study. It was awesome to be around a good group of guys who can encourage each other (which was the semi-topic of the meeting today). Below are my notes on the talk. Enjoy, hope to post more regularly after I move out of the nest…again.

Foray into type design

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Here is the initial uppercase character set for a font that I am working on with a Gainesville artist and entrepreneur. Another font is in the works along with a dingbats set. Expect more to follow including a lowercase and symbols for the font shown.

Michael Claytor Album Release Imminent!

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My brother’s solo album is getting mixed and mastered as you read this. I heard a rough cut after the first mix and it was phenomenal. I am so excited, plus I get to do the packaging! Expect more on this as it nears release.

sketching while I wait…

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I have been trying to stir up some job opportunities with relative success, so expect to hear more about it when I land something. In the meantime here are some sketches I have done with my minimal free time…

click for a better view

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